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Speaking Topics

Mr. Cunningham draws from his Astronaut, military and business careers to motivate listeners to take their lives into their own hands, accept risk, and create their own destinies. All programs are extensively customized to meet the specific needs of the sponsoring organization and to provide the audience with a unique experience. Presentations have been enthusiastically received over the years, and have generated excellent references. Favorite themes include:

  • Motivation.
  • Character, Leadership and other attributes of the American heritage
  • Entrepreneurism and The Venture Capital Process
  • Space and science related topics
  • Social commentary on contemporary American society.

The Chance of Dangerous Adventure (a frequently requested keynote address) challenges the individual to incorporate some risk in their personal and business lives in order to realize you're their dreams. Explores the role risk plays in developing responsibility and leadership. Cunningham examines the ongoing conflict between those who want a risk-free existence and those who want to live - not simply exist.

Beyond Competition draws on examples from the manned space program - both disasters and triumphs. How do you find the frontiers in your own industry? And how do you operate at the boundaries of those frontiers? Emphasizes taking your life into your own hands and creating your own destiny.

Is There Life Out There? explores one of man's most basic questions.- the prospect of life elsewhere in the universe. Cunningham addresses the scientific, alien/UFO, and spiritual aspects of the question.

Apollo - The Golden Age Of Spaceflight brings a unique, perspective to the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, including the Apollo 1 fire and the human side of spaceflight. The inside story of astronaut selection, training, pay, working and living in space, overcoming problems, and returning to earth. Perfect for both adult and older school audiences.

Legacy of the U.S./Soviet Space Race takes you from the Soviet Union's first steps into space through cooperation on the Mir and International Space Station, including the technical and political ramifications of present day cooperation with the Russians.

Around the World In Ninety Minutes takes you on an exciting tour of the world through the eyes of NASA astronauts. See both natural and man-made changes in the earth's geography from an astronaut's unique perspective in earth orbit. Share the experience of looking at Earth in a poetic and emotional way. (slides)

While Mr. Cunningham's presentations draw from his diverse background, each lecture incorporates anecdotal material from his Astronaut career.

Bookings are accepted as much as one year in advance

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