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45th Anniversary
Limited Edition Apollo 7 Patch
and tribute to Apollo 1


APOLLO VII: The Flight of the Phoenix

When Gus, Ed and Roger were killed in the fire on Pad 34, the Apollo 1 backup crew of Wally, Donn and I, inherited the mission. NASA focused on recovering from the fire and getting back on schedule with Apollo VII. Our original patch concept was to depict a Saturn 1B rising from the ashes of its predecessor, like the mythical bird, Phoenix. Al Steven's, of North American Rockwell, gave us a couple of nice sketches of the concept.

When NASA discouraged us from using the Phoenix analogy, Wally asked me to give Stevens a new idea.

After discussion with Donn Eisele, I focused on the earth orbital nature of our mission and sketched out the round Earth with our command module passing over it in an inclined elliptical orbit. From my sketches, Al Stevens did the final artwork and Wally approved the final design.

Over the years I wondered what it would have been like had we been able to use our original concept. Apollo VII, rising from the ashes of the Apollo 1 fire that claimed the lives of three friends, was NASA's first "Return to Flight.". This “Flight of the Phoenix” placed America firmly on the path to "land a man on the Moon and return him safely to Earth in this decade."

This commemorative design beautifully illustrates that accomplishment. Our Apollo spacecraft, sitting atop the Saturn 1B, rising from the fire on Pad 34, is emulating the Phoenix and its renewed life. The flames are represented by the Phoenix spreading her wings to take flight. In tribute to the Apollo I crew, we borrowed the illustration of their spacecraft from their mission patch, pointing toward the Moon. The six stars represent Gus, Ed and Roger along with our crew of Wally, Donn and I. Trimmed in red, white and blue; it pays tribute to our country for daring to dream the impossible.

Limited Edition of 250!

All patches are numbered and come with a beautifully descriptive COA
Mr. Cunningham will be glad to autograph the back of the patch for
less than his normal signing fee. No patches will be offered or signed
at any of his public appearances. They are only available through this web site.
All patches are hallmarked to prevent unauthorized duplication and to prove authenticity.
Patch artwork by Tim Gagnon.
$120/US - $130/Int'l - Autographed
$35 - Unsigned

Original version Apollo 7 Patch Remake
Limited Edition - Signed and Numbered


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Only 2 left from a limited edition of 350
$135/US - $145/Int'l - Autographed

Limited Edition Apollo 7 Patches

Apollo Event Covers

Complete crew signed covers are available for
Apollo 7, 15 & 17

The autographed covers offered here have been in my personal collection for over thirty years. The back of each cover is inscribed: "From my personal collection," with the signature of yours truly. I have several different covers for some missions. They sell quickly, so some of the covers shown may no longer be available. The pictures shown here should be considered representative; however, all my covers are of the same pristine quality. All the signatures were obtained by me, personally, and many of the individuals are no longer with us.

Scans are representative of my personal collection.  If you have any questions about the details of a specific cover, or if you would like to arrange payment using something other than PayPal, please e-mail us. Otherwise, they will be mailed to you at random.


Full crew covers are now SOLD OUT

Apollo 7
Schirra, Cunningham

$165/US - $180/Int'l

Apollo 15
Scott, Worden, Irwin
$190/US - $215/Int'l

Apollo 17
Cernan, Evans, Schmitt

$365/US - $380/Int'l

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